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ESPN: John Beck was just sacked again. Seriously


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Talk about adding insult to injury. If you thought the performance of John Beck and the Washington Redskins' offensive line from Sunday's 23-0 loss to the Bills couldn't get any worse, you were way wrong. According to Mike Jones of The Washington Post, the official scorers have decided that the Bills tallied 10 sacks in the game instead of the nine for which they were originally credited:

They reviewed a play in which Beck scrambled to his left, fumbled, recovered the ball and then was tackled. Originally, the stop was ruled a tackle, because Beck was running. But he actually was stopped behind the line by Danny Batten and Nick Barnett. Both players were awarded a half-sack.

So there you have it. Double digits, folks, and a new Redskins team record. I'm sure this comes as wonderfully welcome news to those of you who were trying to forget that game ever happened. As for Beck, he took responsibility for "a handful of those" sacks on Wednesday, when Redskins coach Mike Shanahan announced he would remain the starter for this week's game against the 49ers. And as for the line and when things might possibly start getting better, they say left tackle Trent Williams is improving but they don't know whether he'll be recovered enough from his ankle sprain to play Sunday. Oh, and tight end Fred Davis missed practice too because of his own ankle injury.

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So there you have it, Redskins record 10 sacks. The hits literally keep on coming.

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LMAO...ten sacks. That's got to be an NFL record right?

It is a team record at least.

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whats it matter, Oline struggled.

Struggled against a team that had 4 sacks going in. That's 250% increase in one game. That's what's the matter.

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LMAO...ten sacks. That's got to be an NFL record right?

No, I remember a few years ago the Giants got 13 or something against the Eagles. Osi had 6 of those or 7, can't remember exactly.

All we need now is for Vinny to be on ESPN or NFLN talking about "Sacks and Stuff" haha

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Still. 10 sacks is RIDICULOUS considering how weak the Bills pass rush is. I wonder if we give up that many again, or more to the 49ers who have a great front 7 and maybe the best LB group in the league.

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Close, the record is 12..held by numerous teams...last one was giants against eagles 2007

The NFL record for sacks in a game is 12 and has been done 5 times: --we still have plenty of time to make the list

1) Dallas vs. Pittsburgh, Nov. 20, 1966

2) St. Louis vs. Baltimore, Oct. 26, 1980

3) Chicago vs. Detroit, Dec. 16, 1984

4) Dallas vs. Houston, Sept. 29, 1985

5) NY Giants vs. Philadelphia, Sept. 29, 2007

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