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GTA V ( 9/17/2013 ) - Character trailers out


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That trailer is ridiculous.

GTA games always have the best soundtracks (I've lived in Miami for a few years now, and don't think I don't still drive around playing the Vice City soundtrack at times).

I see a trailer like that GTA one, or the David Fincher produced Halo 4 trailer, and I can't help but think back on Roger Ebert's claim from several years ago (which in fairness, he's since recanted) that video games could never be "art" of any kind.

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Damn, that trailer was nice. I'm still going to be a little skeptical though. The wanted level seems like it could be a pain in the ass. I'm stoked that the skydiving/flying is back. After the epicness of games like Just Cause 2, i think R* got a bit of a wake up call, though they have such a large fanbase that it wouldn't matter anyway. I just want a perfect mix of reality and sheer pandemonium/replay value.

IV had awesome trailers too, but after the first playthrough, the game was pretty much useless. On the other page I posted the article that talked about the monstrous map. That all sounds good, but I'm not impressed, unless there is an endless amount of stuff to do on that exspansive map. IV had a huge map as well, and it was boring as hell. I don't remember there being any hidden packages, rampages, or anything of the sort, just like some weird pigeon collecting thing. It was just a big ass waste of space. Hopefully they were just experimenting with IV, and we get what we were expecting in 2008. Open world games have taken off, so they can't windowdress things this time.

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I never finished the last GTA, I got bored with it. Vice City is still my favorite. Probably because I lived in S. Florida for a year in the 80's when many of the songs on the sound track where popular. But I'm sure I'll get this one, especially if the reviews are good.

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Pimp my ride :)

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Holy crap this game is going to be amazing.

Just look at what is available.


You can buy property; houses, garages and businesses can all be purchased for extra revenue sources.

You can customise yourself with haircuts, new clothes, and tattoos

Pay N Sprays can also mod cars with paint jobs, new wheels, window tints, grilles, spoilers. Upgrades to suspension, engine and brakes can also be made Weapons can also be customised with laser sights, scopes, silencers, and high capacity magazines

You can pick up hitchikers, do stunt jumps and flying challenges, take part in yoga, golf, tennis or bike races.

iFruit, the game's new phone, can be used to snap pictures and upload them to Rockstar's Social Club

The phone also has apps. In addition to the camera there is internet, contacts, social media, a calendar, and a replay missions app. There are three more Rockstar hasn't yet revealed.

You can also explore the ocean with scuba gear, rob liquor stores, ride a bus tour of celebrity homes, etc. It's amazing.

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