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Eagles fan here you benched Grossman for no reason


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He clearly is the better qb. What people are failing to realize is the Eagles defense is playing how we expected them to play. It just took time for us to jell. Did you witness the beating we put on Dallas?It was no coincidence guys.They had no answer. Our team is just that good. We didnt play like it at first because we have new players,coaches,and scheme.It was a given that it would take time to jell, However i think Coach Shanny has no idea what he's doing. That is all,peace and hair grease. I'll holla back when its time for us to play you guys again. But benching Grossman was a bad move. but not as bad as Denver benching Orton for Tebow.

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this situation with us is same as it is in Denver...

why try to hang in there with Orton or Grossman when it is clear that they are not the answer... better to find out what Tebow and Beck has before they move on and draft a QB in next year's draft.

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