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In watching the first half it is painfully evident that Beck is not the answer. Surrendering 4 sacks to a team that had a total of 4 sacks for the entire year in the first half is unfathomable. Granted there are injuries along the line but the backups are NFL players.

Buffalo's defense was surrendering over 450+ yards per game and our offense goes back words on most possessions. Personally, I'm about ready to give up on Shannahan. We could have drafted Gabbert and had a good QB. I love Kerrigan, but until he can throw for 300 yards an no int's, our team will not be better.

Without a franchise QB, I'm afraid we will be relegated to watching this type of dismall performances week in and week out.


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Yea Cam Newton could shake off the rush of D lineman but outside of that which QB can avoid this rush. A team with 4 sacks is dominating our pathetic patch work oline. Beck should've got a shot since day 1. With these injuries to our team he will fail no matter what

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No viable QB

Nobody RBs

Nobody WRs

Mostly castoff OL

If anyone is really surprised that this offense can't move the ball against the 31st ranked defense, they're in denial. The team playing today is comprised of players that aren't any good. Most of the players were let go by other teams or traded for next to nothing. It's not the coaching. The players are bad.

Worse, the defense is starting to be exposed.

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