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Gaffney and Armstrong can just sit on the bench. I want to see what Paul and Hankerson can do.

Stallworth ... he can just go away. Not sure why he's even on the team

He better be gone after this week, I don't know how you can justify him on this team that needs offensive linemen.

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Why is Stallworth still on the field.

Agree with both here. He has done nothing to prove he should be on this roster. He's taking a roster spot that could be used for another position or young player to develop. Maybe if we write the NFL they'll let us play with 13 men on the field with 7 olinemen who would be ineligible because right now that and getting Peyton Manning (pre neck surgery) is the only hope I see for this offense.

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During the cooling of period, use this thread for all WR Discussion,

Everyone should have gone through the cooling off period over the last 3 quarters of football. This team has no heart and doesnt show that they wanted to win. If they dont then I guess Im good with it too. :cool:

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Watching this game is a test of frustration.

Armstrong; the supposed "fastest" guy on the field; running the deep route, literately running up on the back of the cb who was not in his direct path. That takes him out of the picture as the ball sails into the endzone.

Gaffney; tripping on his own ego which led to the pic.

And the other receivers, well, running routes, then slowing up, not trying to get open because they're watching Beck run for his life, when Brown, the fire hydrant watches pass rushers whiff by him on their way to Beck.

This was a sloppy, care-free, careless, uninterested group of receivers on the field. May as well bring anyone up off the PS and let them get a little playing time, because if the receivers out there now refuse to get open, sell their routes, and give their qb a chance to get them the ball, there';s no need for them to be on the field.

Next practice, we'll see them out there, laughing, clowning around as if nothing has happened. No heart for earning their paychecks...

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