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1 Vote down from the Packers 85 down from Bills. Need Votes. Fans Choice for Military Personnel.


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Fellow Tailgaters I need your help. I am getting sick of the Bills fans taking control of the games that are shown to deployed military personnel. They have won every vote (except their bye) since week 3. We beat them in week two , Won during their bye and of won with them last week. That said military Skins fans need the Extremeskins to really make a push this week to beat the Bills fans as they will be a tough nut to crack. We are the only fanbase that can give them competition. So click the link and vote.

Please click the link below log onto to your face book; Like the page; (If you haven't voted before) load the page and vote for the Redskins 49er game. Voting Starts at 1pm every Sunday and ends at 7pm Tuesday.


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Yeah it certainly looked like the Redskins gave up early on the game yesterday, but does that mean the Fans have to give up too. We've got 85 votes for the AFN Fans Choice game of the week. Normally at this point we'd have 190-200. I know they don't look good but as a Skins fan I still want to watch them (and I bet virtually all of you are going to watch them as well next week). So help a deployed fan out. Plus we need to put the Bills fans in their place.

"We own this voting poll Bills fans. No one shows up like we do! We've proven week in and week out why we are the best fans in the NFL."

"I've got the link in my sig and I've passed it around a couple of places. I get the game live on Sky here anyway but its my mission to piss off all the whiny Bills haters by getting them on EVERY week!"

"i see this going one of two ways.

1 - People say "I'm not even gonna bother cause the Bills are just gonna win anyway"


2 - People say " Lets rallyto beat the Bills"

I think option #1 is the most likely though."

Are we going to let these Fans beat the Redskins fans?

We have until Tuesday Night to catch and pass them. We did this against the Packer fans two weeks ago coming from 85 votes down. Lets do it again. Right now it is 171 votes to 86 votes. Lets get close the gap and get at 60 more votes tonight to set us up to pass them tommorow

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BTW they have been showing the 2d place finishers so far this season and we are only 1 vote back from the Packers.

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I suspect you don't want to watch the Redskins play the Bills.

I'm pretty certain that I don't.

Larry didn't say I want to watch the Redskins Play the Bills, I asked for votes for the Redskin - 49er game . I pointed out that our competitors are the the Bills fans who have owned the the AFN Fan Choice 6 weeks running (minus their bye). We are in competition with them and the Packers Fans for the Game of the week. That said AFN has been showing the 2d highest voted game as well (so far) therefore I'd like to stay ahead of the Packers which we're 3 votes down at the moment.

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