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Do any of you watch The T.O Show and think, maybe the guy is just misunderstood??


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Obviously it is my girlfriend who watches this show...lol, but sometimes I check it out and think maybe, just maybe, T.O is not the man the media shows him to be. He seems very family-oriented, and overall like a very good guy. None of us truly know what happens in the locker room, but what is so wrong with wanting the ball or wanting to win?? I realize sometimes he goes somewhat overboard, but he seems very passionate about this sport, so I honestly don't know why people dislike him so much. I'd go as far as to say I'm a T.O fan, and I really hope the Skins (or another team) gives him one more shot to help them win. Based on his stats in Cinci last season, the guy definitely has A LOT more left in the tank than most receivers presently on rosters as we speak.

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Everyone is different when you talk to them on a one on one basis, or get a glimpse at their personal life from afar. So to answer your question, yes, to a degree, but that doesn't change my opinion of TO the football player, since that's all I normally go off of.

Despite the BS, a lot of his teammates seemed to have liked him.

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