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Jason Campbell thinks he's a starter in the NFL. Would you want him back in DC?

Lar0n Landry

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Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell broke his collarbone 10 days ago. Two days later, the Raiders traded for Carson Palmer. One day later, Campbell found out about the trade while watching TV.

Faced with the fact that his contract expires after the season and the reality that Palmer, given the trade compensation, isn’t a half-season rental, Campbell won’t be the starter in Oakland next year. As a result, he apparently won’t be in Oakland next year.

“I’m a starter in this league,” Campbell tells CSN Bay Area. “Definitely. I look around the league and I play at a higher level than most guys. I’m definitely a starter. I’m not ready to accept being in a backup role. I’ve come too far and done too much and I feel like I’m still pressing on and I haven’t even done my best yet.”

Campbell will get a chance to find a job as a starter, or at least to compete for a starting job, come March. And if Palmer gets injured at some point and Campbell’s injury heals, he could still end up playing for the Raiders again, even if only until the end of the season.

Obviously his contract is up after this season. would you want him back in Washington?

i used to be a JC hater but in all honesty, he's a well above average QB in the NFL and i wouldn't mind having him back. he was always tough and someone you could count on. he had some good games but a lot of bad moments that left you wondering if he was going to be the answer at QB. i think that he has developed into a really good QB in Oakland. not elite but someone you can win a SB with if you surround him with the right pieces and a solid defense.

sorry if this is a repost.

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Sort of a repost of the 'JC back in DC?' idea, but interesting commentary from him this time.

I agree with him (except maybe he's not better than MOST...), and I think he's really grown and is pretty much a veteran at this point. I always liked Jason, and I like seeing him boss guys around on the sidelines in Oakland. It's like he's come a long way, like your kid off to college or something. But I just don't see any scenario where he comes back. There's a small sliver of possibility that Beck ends up great and starts next year, but otherwise, ALL signs point to a QB in the draft. In that likely scenario, either Beck starts while the new guy fits in, or the new guy starts right away, depending on who he is.

Bringing Jason means either cutting Beck, or demoting him to 3rd string, which would be pointless, and either way, wouldn't be what Jason's looking for anyway. He'd be searching for a team, ...again. I wouldn't want to do that to him.

I hope he gets another starting gig somewhere. I didn't realize until you posted this that the Carson move was not only incredibly stupid(overpriced), but also screwed Jason over. He almost lost his job to Collins last time he was hurt as well. Dude can't catch a break.

I'll never forget how pissed I was at the Donovan news because just prior to it, Shanny had said that Jason is going to be the man. I really think he meant it, and I really wish I could have seen him in this offense. MIGHT have been a nice fit...doesn't turn it over much, bigger guy, mobile, etc.. it's just far too late to try to find out now.

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damn, it's like that?

i looked at the related topics when i made thread and the only recent j campbell threads what showed up were from last season

jeez. sorry.

Probably because most of the other ones were locked.

Not meaning to attack you or your thread my man, but this is an exhausted topic. That ship has sailed.

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