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Alec Baldwin Defends Capitalism at Occupy Wall Street

Dan T.

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Interesting dialogue between Alec Baldwin and some of the crowd at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan as he walks through the crowd. He defends capitalism, says we want the banks to do what they do but that the SEC should do a better job, says he doesn't know enough about what would happen if the Federal Reserve were to shut down, and won't endorse Ron Paul - "I don't have anything against him, but I won't endorse him."

Interesting vignette:


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I liked this movement at first, but now it's just idiot central.

I never really felt that keen on it, personally. I hate corruption in any aspect of life, but it seemed like an aimless protest from the get go. There doesn't seem to be much of a foundation to it. If the people leading Occupy Wall Street can get together and create some kind of ten point platform, maybe I'd get on board.

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