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Week 7: Sack Scam Newton!!! (200 posts)


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Trust when you have Kerrigan and Rakpo , Bowen and Big Berry, we will! Though I will say Orakpo If he could learn to finish his pressure getting plays he would have around 15 sacks this year. In each game, I can name a number amount of times were Rak would come free, or get pressure, but couldn't make the sack. He has about 3.5 sacks this season if he had made those plays he should have made,instead off missing the sack completely,Rakpo would have had around 9.5 sacks already this season

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I'm trying to be optimistic considering we didn't really get close to Vick with a battered O-line..... Here's to hoping we make Cam eat rookie dirt.

I think that the early roughing the passer penalty took a little wind out of our sails last week. I'm looking for a BIG day out of the linebackers this week. It's redemption time! :panthersu

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