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Nows The Time...For the skins to make a Statement


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No Respect we all say. Why we feeling like RODNEY.....Well! now is the time for the Redskins to put up at home. Forget all that stuff about it's a divisional rival and everything. We get a chance to go up 3 games on the jints and it's at home.

These are the kind of games that don't get the Redskins any freaking R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If we blow this game it's to the basement for most of the year from the critics with the I told you so episode.

I told you the Redskins were a fluke winning 2 games and the opposing teams 1st string QB out.

I'm gonna go out on a limb for this one.

Skins 31

Giants 24

I've been negative, as we all are aware of. But I'm putting my heart out there for this one..:gaintsuck .

That's right Tom The giant Dude...:gaintsuck

Cross your fingers and bite the nails...:moon:

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We have been in a long sleep. A sleep from winning the NFC East or even contending for it. The Giants and Eagles have been the contenders in this division for the past few years. But they were just looking over it while we rebuilt. The Eagles are having their own problems, its time, for the skins to take the East back, and it starts on Sunday at 4.

Its time to take the power back.

Right now people have good reason to not give us respect, after Sunday they will have no reason. This is it folks, the official game putting us back on the map! No longer are we a W on the opposing teams schedule, we now have an offense with weapons and a defense with a few players on it that are absolutely ridiculous!

Its on now, bring on the big blue. Lets see these pussies come on out.

I agree with you on the 31 for the skins there REDALERT

But i think your being way too kind of the Giants part, Giants will score 10.

Your Washington Redskins 31

Giants 10

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:stop: WHOA there little skins26, let's not get to carried away here young chad. if you wanna be a Redskin fan this is how ya do it.

First you come out with the:wave: Then, you find a partner so you can start doing the:bump: Once your completely convinced that the game is totally out of reach. Pin your ears back and look the Giant fans square in the eyes and tell them they should've have bent over for that Arse:whippin: .

:cheers: :gaintsuck

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We'll win..... the Giants are coming off a short week and had an emotional OT loss. They're gonna be out of gas by the second half. Our depth will drain them. Plus we've got them at home. Plus we'll be trying to make a statement. With the way the Giants have been playing, they are very beatable.

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