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giants cant get in touch with eagles??


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November 24th..... comeatmebrov.png

We play week 4. When are u available to play? I have to travel for work Thurs, but should be back Thursday night. Friday evening I'm going to my college homecoming around 6ish and wont be back til Sunday. So leaves us with Thurs night/Fri morning/Sun Evening. Let me know.

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nah, i havent gotten anything other than a couple XBL messages asking when i can play. I sent him back a message saying to PM me on ES when he wants to play cause that's whats on my contact information and thats the easiest way to notify me. Ive come down with some crazy virus and have been kind of bed ridden, so im not always watching the xbox dashboard...

Ive been good to play all day yesterday and all day today....waiting for a message.

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