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NYT: Virginia Reveals Challenges Ahead for Obama


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Virginia Reveals Challenges Ahead for Obama

President Obama arrives in Virginia on his bus tour today, just as some Democratic candidates for the state legislature are running away from him.

Ward Armstrong, the top Democrat in the House of Delegates, is one of several incumbents up for re-election in the state’s off-year elections three weeks from now. And he’s one of several who have been tied to Mr. Obama by Republican rivals.

“Now Charles Poindexter is comparing me to Barack Obama,” Mr. Armstrong says in a television ad this month. “That’s a stretch, Charles. I’m pro-life, pro-gun and I always put Virginia first. That’s why I opposed the cap-and-trade bill.”

The ad — and others like it in the state — underscores the challenge for Mr. Obama, who narrowly won the state in 2008 as part of a successful effort to campaign in places normally considered hostile to Democratic presidential candidates.

out of reach for the president — though they concede that the race will be a tough one.

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ZOMG!! The Democrats are going to be irrelevant for 50 years!!


Dude, the entire country is going to reveal challenges for Obama. It's called a "Landslide." Obama's a warlord and he's going to spend us into oblivion. But the American people will be fooled into voting in another warmongering drunken sailor. Then we're going to invade another ten God-forsaken countries unconstitutionally and spend ourselves into the Greatest of Depressions. Then the Democrats will reclaim the White House in 2016 promising reform.

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