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3 Year Old Sings "Hail To The Redskins"


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(Mods if this is in the wrong spot, please move. I was not sure where it should go.)

I have been a Redskin for ever and I always wanted my son to be a fellow fan so we could enjoy the games together. He has heard me sing the fight song a thousand times. To my surprise, the last couple of weeks he has started singing along! Looks like he is off to the right start!

I am such a proud papa right now! The best part is that his 19 month old sister is trying her hardest to sing along, as soon as she gets it I will post that one too.


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Way to go, Ethan! Let's hope you have plenty of chances to sing HTTR while watching Redskin games.

OP, definitely post when your daughter learns it. I'm a sappy mom, I love this stuff.

I certainly will. Right now she stands next to him and kind of hums until the last word of each line and yells it with him. Her face lights up when it get's to the " RAH RAH RAH", she loves that part!

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Awesome! Good job Ethan! Reminds me of my nephews who I miss soooooo very much. HTTR! Beat those dirty rotten Cowboys!

This makes me laugh every time. Beat those dirty rotten Cowboys is my new catch phrase! HTTR!

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So cute, thanks for posting it.

Next thing to teach him is how to say Romo sits to pee is a dumbass

LOL! I don't think his mom would go for that, but I will start working on the "G" rated version with him!

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ehhhhh he butchered the lyrics but i still give the lil man props.

thanks for sharing bro. your son is on the right path

He got more words right than most people I know. I've been in a crowded bar on game day and started singing the song after a score. Everybody sings the beginning and the end, but nobody knows the words to the middle!

Awesome video! Can't wait till I can get my kids singing the fight song!

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