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:logo:I think this team will be fine if we can make the o-line shuffle move brown to lt 2 time probowler with the saints move taylor to lg keep cook at c move montgomery to rg he played there last season more natural for him locklear at rt that's fine.Beck will be ok and our defense will give us a chance week in week out!Please don't give up ppl were 3-2 going to Carolina a very winnable game.Get healthy big trent and Hightower starts next week we missed him today. 3 out of nxt 4 have awful defenses.This team is good and I believe do you! Hail Skins!!!!

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How the hell can anyone even mention the word "trap game" with this team? We're an incredibly mediocre team and have been for 20 years. You think this team overlooks ANYONE? Give me a ****ing break.

You must not watch many NFL games...most teams are mediocre...that's why we have a chance.

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