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My bad Smoot


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Since last Sundays game I have been joyous and upbeat throughout the week eagerly awaiting this Sundays match-up. Yet today has been a different story, my eagerness has fallen to wearyness all because of the injuries that have occured. I know some of us bash on Smoot from time to time because of his mouth and when he gives up a big play from time to time but now that he has been hurt I no longer feel our secondary is a force. Its amazing to me how much he means to this defense and I now know I don't give him as much credit as he deserves. Hopefully our back-ups will do the job and they wont let smoot play, a concussion mild or not is serious, but it worries me to think what might happen. From now on I wil never say anything negative about you again Smoot get well soon.

On a related note the Redskins definetly need to sign Champ to a new contract extension no ifs ands or butts about it. If Smoot going down to injury makes me feel this way how is it going to make me feel if we no longer have Champ in our secondary? To me thats a scary thought!

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