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Have we just seen the last of Cooley in the B&G?

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With Captain Chaos fracturing his finger/ hand in numerous places, requiring surgery, and already having the continuing knee problem; and with Trent possibly out for a whiles, and Lichtensteiger all but done for the year; the only realistic way I see Cooley's season going is onto IR. The rook Hurt should now get promoted, but with the line now down to 8, with two rooks who've not so much as played a pro down; and the second year guy Cook in there (not to mention Trent being out); it's not beyond the realms of possibility we bring in a vet, or trade for one out of desperation before Tuesday's deadline.

So the only real prudent move all things considered would be to IR Chris. He'll be out for a big percentage, and we need the roster spot.

Now he'll only be 30 going into next year, but if Davis and Paulsen really come into their own now in the remaining 11 games, and with a multitude of holes still to fill; I wonder if we may just of seen the end of #47 in a Redskin uniform and if we'll go in a whole other direction next year?

Not to mention at 30 how Cooley will feel at that stage of his career playing second fiddle to FreddieD. For one of the leagues top TE's through all his career, that's gota' be hard to take when he'll feel he still has a lot to give.


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