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Urgent Taken 6 vote lead! Need More votes to hold of Rivals. Deployed Fans need help again.


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Hello fellow Tailgators. Need as many votes as you can get so Deployed Skins fans can watch the Skins next week. We are now in a two way fight with the Packers fans after passing the Detroit Fans. Please click the link below, log onto Facebook; like it and then vote for the Redskins Panthers game. (Should be able to win this week (Bills are on a bye).


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Vikes Packers looks to have a good lead thus far.


Really not worried about any other teams as none of other teams fans other than the Bills and Saints have managed to get 200 votes. If we just match our weekly average on these votes we'll win. What I'm worried about is the loss to the Eagles will depress the Redskins votes. Heck already have a post on the main forum from a fan asking why I'd want to see the Redskins and this was from a Redskin fan who had voted before.

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