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How Revered was Joe Gibbs?


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Just sitting here thinking, what if Shanahan changes QB's so that the Eagles will have practiced for the wrong one. Then I thought, how stupid would that be. No coach in their right mind would make that change just for the sake of surprising a team. Would they?

Then, I thought of these same beloved Redskins and a coach who changed quarterbacks a few games before the Super Bowl and started a new running back in that same Super Bowl. Talk about taking your chances. T

Then, what other coach could possibly get away with something like that and the whole town think that it was a good move? Or did we?

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The difference is that Gibbs had been swapping Schroeder and Williams in and out in the last month of the regular season.. Williams won it out because in listening to the interviews, the players couldn't stand Schroeder and Gibbs went with the man the players would follow.

And Timmy Smith got the start because George Rogers was hurt.

Besides, in this situation, one of our QBs has VERY limited experience, and having to play in a potential shootout with Philly might not be the best idea.


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