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Deangelo injured listed as Questionable


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Source http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7101953/washington-redskins-deangelo-hall-hurts-knee-questionable-sunday

If Hall is out of the game we are going to have some serious problems. Wilson Vs Jackson okay maybe thats not a huge drop off from hall maybe.

But Barnes or Buchannon on Maclin and Avant. We will have some issues.

of course thats just my opinion


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Oh and before someone says Hall is overrated. Hall is a gambler we dont have any gamblers on our D besides Deangelo ya he will bite on a fake and get burned once in awhile but dont forget he was responsible for 8 turnovers last season. He has a nose for the ball everytime i see Deangelo making a takle he is ALWAYS going for a strip. and ya 4 of the 6 ints came against cutler but he still had 2 forced fumble recoverys and 1 was his strip and he recovered it.

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sorry a mod can delete this thread then or merge it or w/e

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