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I have admin controls now on LM thanks to Lavar. I see we went with actual salaries and not the point based system - which I am a fan of just slightly unfamiliar with it.

Since we are trying to make this realistic guess what - CAP HITS will go through as they should in real life or would in Madden. Because we are going with the millions contracts and not the single simple contracts I will not adjust contracts to reduce cap hits. The reason? After doing some research and talking to some people more knowledgeable about the website and it's features it makes things more realistic.

So you do not need to tell me who you are releasing. Just need to make sure you keep an eye on the cap hits and so on.

Obviously this will be a test run for the first two seasons. If I feel that it puts too much weight into the cap I will go back to the way I do things in my other leagues.

Sorry for the last few days of things being out of whack just was sick and all should be good now

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No problem. It will be a few hiccups the first few weeks cause I have to try and learn the differences with the actual contracts versus the ones I am used to. I also manage my other league with 20 members and that one is far more active. And in the coming few days people are going to be giving me a list of players that need contracts readjusted because the point base system makes up random #s for lengths of contracts. I have some rookies in their contract year. One team I made 22 adjustments. While it didn't take long it is frustrating though because I have to write down everyones contract worth and then clear their contract manually type in their worth in two different spaces for each year. As it may seem not so bad trust me it can be when you do 22 players and that's just for one team. Do it say 10-15 times.....and you guys will see how dedicated I am to my leagues. I am dedicated to this one but please bear with me if I seem M.I.A.

I do ask we all work together!

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