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To Hail or Not to Hail: Henry V


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By troth, a cold wind stirs, e'en as the bones do sing remorse. Twas this site that rang of tragedy and betrayal. Slaughter most cruel. Twas not tears, but blood that day. Hearthstone cracked and burning, Were any spared? There was no kindness that day... no mercy. It was a day for the foul to rejoice. The sun rose dark and red as the Devil's beard and good men fell.

Aye, the cracked bell tolled and it was a most evil day. A rout, a massacre, a near burning of the very soul . Shy not from the angry peel. They return. They return. And do they expect a meek lamb to slaughter. Aye, they think of you as but an easy day's feast.

But lo, what is that in good Henry's hand. Ist a turkey leg or an eagle's that he gnaws. These men be not the devil, I say. They are but men. Fleet, vile, vicious, uglier than sin, despicable even to curs, for what noble dog could ever love a man without honor. Still, these nightmares are men and so are vulnerable.

Will ye face them? Will ye rise up with voices Hail to confront the demons of the past... of sour Eagles, that dire ghost of Norvitus, of the flash of bomb and cruel blow as our cities were sacked. Will you take up the spear to defend your home and make yourself heard or let them rampage taking what they will. Will you cover your head fearul even to watch?

Is it to be a day of thunder or one of tears? Do you cry Hail or whimper? Dost thou feel the heel of their general as if you were but one of his dogs?

Oh, this does not suit.

I ask you to stir, to rise, to grow hoarse and fight beyond weariness for this is the fight. This is the moment when ghosts descend. This is fear itself, but fear has no strength, but that which we lend it.

So, this time, this fifth time I ask you... will you rise hail or cower under your covers a victim of fear or sour cynicism. Will you make them tremble with a voice as one and a pride they can but dream of? Is your heart steel or pudding. Do you stand. Do you cry. Will you make them blanch? Are you a part of this fight. Aye, will you join this day?

Will you fight on sons of Washington?

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I didn't read your whole post but I agree, Riggins was better than Portis. :yes:

Aye, we do have our own ghosts and champions to stir the embers of a frightened heart. Good Sir John trampled these birds and left them flightless. He would run through their lines as if their spears were but pin pricks. Good man, thank you for remembering such hail days.

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Was not expecting to see this :ols:

(Me neither :ols:)

For truth, I will stir these old bones and go myself to the field of battle this Sunday and so left this missive early in hopes that it might be heard. I shall lend my voice and my will to our brothers in arms. I will cheer its foray and assist as I can in trying to draw the enemy into false starts and delay their movements. We shall see what the day holds, but I promise to remain hail until the decision is fated.

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I have no idea what you just said, but I'm in! Hail!

The mind made be simple, but the heart is Hail! ;):silly:

(Basically, that we had a really rough go of it against the Eagles last year, but that this is a new year and we have a choice. As fans, we can rally behind our team and scream our lungs out... or we could be cynical or give up before the game)

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Um sign me up, pass me a spear to satify my bloodlust and a cup of wine to to wash down this eagle leg! Dire are the straights this moribund squadron has stumbled upon. We will feast on the carcass of fear and rejoice in sanctity of brotherhood!! HAIL to those who walk with us and death to all who cross our vengeful path!

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blackbird pie, crow pie, cardinal pie, eagle pie

I doth enjoy pie with a good flagon of mead. Soothes the tempers.

(Effectively, that's option 4... telling me to stop writing these little ditties)

I say HAIL!

Don't stop, they are pure Burgundy and GOLD!

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I thought "To be, or not to be..." was from Hamlet?

Leave him alone, he's on a roll.

Henry the Fifth... The Feast of Crispin's Day...share blood with thy brethern... Dispose the Day.

I say Hail!

By far my favorite Shakespeare play. In fact, the only one I ever really liked. Only Shakespeare play turned movie I ever really like too.

Whats funny is that in 1944, Laurence Olivier played Henry V in the first movie adaptation of Henry V. It was considered such an amazing job that no one touched it for almost 50 years.

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Tis' a majestic city, the most powerful of all the cities on the planet. From its hills and its halls, from its burroughs and over its bridges, echo two majestic anthems: "Hail to the Chief," for the free world's leader. But for all its glory, no song echoes louder than when "Hail to the Redskins" thunders from the stadium walls...

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