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FA and trades now open, follow league rules UPDATE: in op


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Originally Posted by s2thalayer

So what happens if, say, Beck goes on the free agent market and i want him so i PM you on here that i want to sign beck to a 1 year contract worth 4 mil....you okay it, i go on here and Lavar has already signed Beck to a deal while i was informing you on here?

From Kiingspade

No no! Free Agency is you just go out there and sign him. It will give you contract options and you do all that. I won't handle who you sign in free agency as long as you are staying within the rules (one per week and so on)

My bad, I'm at work, and signed off of my phone, but I was going off of what Kiing had responded. I also sent Kiing a PM to let him know that I wanted to drop my current FB, so he could adjust the cap hit. I just signed my 1 player for the week. Which is the way that I understood the rules to be.

Looks like The Chiefs signed multiple players, thought we could only sign 1 a week.

You can sign more than one player as long as you release a player at the same position and within 9 points of the one you signed.

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