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USAToday - Pete Carroll is 'recruiting' LeBron James for Seahawks


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By Tom Weir, USA TODAY



Posted by Pete Carroll

The biggest flirtation bouncing around Twitter at the moment is between Pete Carroll and LeBron James.When LeBron inquired this week about the deadline to sign as an NFL free agent it created some far-fetched speculation that he was contemplating spending the NBA lockout wearing football pads.

Carroll has jumped on that bandwagon, posting a picture of a Seattle Seahawks jersey with the No. 1 and LeBron's name.

LeBron responded with: "Nice!! Looks great."

Carroll also tweeted that: "I kinda think of you as a touchdown maker but is it true you think of yourself as a pass rusher?"

And also, the bottom line: "Are you aware of what the League's rookie minimum is?


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Please get him signed and suited up by Thanksgiving, because I want to see him go across the middle or go along the sidelines and let Landry take his head off.

I know LeBron can't possibly be stupid enough to risk his basketball career and the hundreds of millions that he can make in the NBA to play in the NFL.

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LeBrons clearly just joking around, but it would be extremely entertaining. He would only be a red zone threat, he would be terrible in every other aspect of the game if he suited up this season. But as a red zone threat, he could post up in the back corner of the endzone and demand double coverage on every play in that situation. Could be deadly on the jump ball.

Would be beyond a stupid career decision. Too much injury risk. Not much financial gain most likely. Would have a target on his head because of the hype he'd get.

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Pete Carroll seems like a cool guy. I've seen several examples of him playing jokes on his team to keep the locker room loose and his team together, and I've seen a couple of things where he took personal interest in terminally ill or disabled kids who were USC or Seattle fans and goes out of his way to brighten their lives. Regardless of his win-loss success, I'm a fan.

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james also played football during his high school years at st.vincent-st. Mary's. In his sophomore year he was named first-team all-state as a wide receiver, and in his junior year he led his team to the state semifinals.[1] sports analysts have speculated on whether he could have played in the nfl.[8] he signed a shoe contract with nike before his professional debut.[citation needed]

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