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Redskins vs Eagles office smack talk


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Ok everyone, I'm looking for some good Redskins vs Eagles jpg images. Every week I post a picture of the Redskins matchup with a message on my office door. Being that I live in Pa, this is a big week at my office. Last year in the first matchup, I posted a picture of the Redskins fan holding the "Eagles Superbowl trophy case" (Empty), and for the second matchup I posted the image of "The Michael Vick Sandwich" when he got crushed and taken out of the game in the first game. It has to be "Office Appropriate", but help a fellow Skins fan out here!!!


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I usually just walk by a cabinet and mention how nice it is, how well constructed, and how it looks good filled... then, I look at them a little sadly and say... Oh, I'm so sorry, you're from Philly... I didn't mean to embarrass you.

Then, I mention that rings aren't everything. The NFL ought to offer participation trophies.

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