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LL56s ExtremeMadden league: Gamertags,Availability,Contact Info(update your info with what team you own)


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San Fransisco 49ers GT: BallHoggin

Available- Mondays- 12pm-5 pm and 9-2am, Tues-Friday 10pm-2am, Sat-10-2am, Sunday- 11-2am but depends on home or away game and how long i tailgated for.

You can contact me Extremeskins Pm, Twitter ( fastest way for immediate response) @LL56XTREMESKINS, LL56xtremeskins@gmail.com. Xbox live via Ballhoggin

A succsessful league takes communication and as the league manager i expect to be able to communicate with all the members. Managing 32 people and trying to keep everyone happy wont be easy and i anticipate having to make some tough decisions in the interest of everyone. Over the course of this franchise if i contact you to resolve a issue i expect a response back,unresponsive owners wont be tolerated. i dont want this to come of as harsh or strict but just putting it out there so its known ahead of time. Members who are valued to the league and are good people who do their part i will bend over backwards to keep you on board and the more good people the better.

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gamertag: Skidcakes

Available: Monday noon-4, 7-midnight

Tuesday- 6-10pm

Wednesday- Same as monday

Thursday- Anytime after 4

Friday- Anytime before 6

Saturday- depends, changes every week

Sunday- Whenever the Skins arent playing

Just PM me here and I'll get an email to my phone so I can always be reached that way.

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GT: S 2the LayeR

email: bradvjc@gmail.com (emails go straight to my phone, so that's the best way to catch me). In fact, PM's here go to my email, so just PM'ing me here is best.

I work 5am-5pm most of the time, but im a supervisor so it varies.

My fiancee' also lives with me, and i'm building a house by myself though so my time is different everyday. Just send me and email (it's basically a text message, and my phone is always on me) and we'll get a time set up.

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GT: CrazyJoe Mac

email: joe@pixelaidedcreative.com • twitter: @joecarterjr (if you tweet me it sends me a text, so that's a quicker way to find me)

Availability, Mon-Thu: 12n-2pm/8:45pm-2am, Fridays email/tweet me for availability, Saturday 1pm - 5pm/11pm-3am, Sunday as long as I'm not at/watching a Skins game just about anytime.

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You can contact me through XBOX or ES. I check it regularly through my phone.

Can play just about every night from 10:30pm till 12:30am

Rotating day's throughout the week from 6-8pm, depending on if my wife is gonna be at work.

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GT: jaybreezy26

Contact Info: A pm through here would work best, I wouldn't have a problem adding anyone to facebook (pm me if that's best), Or a message via Xbox Live could work also.

Availability: Mon, Wed, Fri - 5:30 - Midnight

I may be available some Tuesdays but Thursdays are definitely out.

And weekends for the most part are free after Noon, except for when the Skins are playing

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GT: rdsknFANatic

Availability: M-F - usually 5:30 pm - midnight. There are some night that I have obligations, but I can always work around them.

My weekends are variable. I am usually busy, but if we make plans to play during the day on Saturday, I would probably be able to make it work.

Best forms for contact would most likely be on here. I also am available through email (spm02090@hotmail.com) since it gets sent to my phone.

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