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LL56s Extrememadden league: starting point for league rules


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Any possible way we can kindve have a let loose full day as far as roster changes? A free agency signing period similar to what we had after the lockout if you will....a chance to redesign our rosters to our liking?

I am not a fan. You do choose the team and you should take their moves into consideration. I think if you want to cut people there should be a risk

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I looked at everyone's schedule and it looks like Tuesday and Sunday advance would work well. Likley planning on each week having a edited thread where people can discuss scheduling. I will be putting up a official rule thread later this evening that also deals with everything. I have to basically manage 32 people so if you can't communicate with the members of me rest assured ill be looking for a new owner.

Tuesday/Sunday? So a 48 hour and a 120 hour window? Or am I reading that wrong......

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