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Am I the only one who thinks that Google is trying to take over the world?


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I love google. They are great, whoever they are.

All of the innovation. Think of innovation over the last 10 years and you'll surely come to think of google. They innovated the search engine, the email client, the way you search businesses, the maps you view, the pictures you search for, the videos you view, the cell phone you use. Think of any technology and google has revolutionized it. It's great. Google takes anything and makes it better. Social networking is just another step in google's technological conquest.

Do you have a verizon.net, cox.net or comcast.net email address? Gmail is better.

Do you have an iPhone? Android is better.

Do you have a facebook? Google+ is better.

Do you still use yahoo? Google search is better.

Do you still use AIM? GChat is better.

Do you still use Internet Explorer (or Firefox)? Google Chrome is better.

All of these opinions are advanced by you, the user. Yes. For any person who prefers an "independent" organization for their various technologies, there are hundreds who are ready to call that technology obsolete to google. For every major market share, there is that "underdog" google... of course google is better. The masses need a google. Google is the one catching up to the dominant force in any technological industry. Why wouldn't you want them to succeed. They're the little guy.

People. They like to complain. Don't they. Damn sure they do. The big corporations. The Big conglomerate (hell, I just used google to spell that word for me). They hate those "big", "evil" companies. They are the ones with all the money to spend that won't hand it out. They are the ones getting all of the major tax write offs. They are the ones that get rescued when the stock market crashes, the housing market crashes, the American dollar crashes. We hate those people. They are the ones driving Mercedes, forcing us to buy Chinese goods and keeping us addicted to foreign oil.

Google is revered. Google is revolutionary. Google streamlines everything, ties everything together into one nice little bow and puts a smiley face on. Hell, google even changes to celebrate things that you didn't know about and helps educate you!

Google is the best damned thing to happen since the invention of the internet. Right?

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you forgot Google Voice, an app that saves me $20 a month and gives me a lot of awesome features for free. i also love chrome, google docs, the search engine, gmail, etc...i just prefer the iphone but i think the Android platform is great as well.

they are doing quite well for themselves.

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