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ON: Only dogs can hear new TV ad


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Only dogs can hear new TV ad

A new TV advert for dog food features a series of high-frequency signals beyond human hearing.

Nestle Purina produced the 24-second advert, for Beneful dog food, using a high-pitched whistle, which only dogs can hear.

The aim is to attract dogs to the screen during the ad which will in turn encourage owners to buy the product for them.


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This will unfortunately sell a ton of dog food for them I bet and it's sad. If things like a dog looking at the TV didn't work, companies wouldn't make dog treats that look like bacon. That's completely for the consumer idiot.

If it was up to a dog, they would be washing down cat **** with anti freeze. People are suppose to be moderately more intelligent than their pets and look out for them.

If you want to feed your animals sawdust, corn sugar and chemical laced byproducts, from a company with multiple recalls because it's made in freaking china, you're probably eating the same garbage yourself.

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