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Anyone want a free TV and TV stand?


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Just throwing this out there; my wife and I are cleaning out the house to make room for our second kid and need to get rid of these two things, I figured I'd see if anyone here wanted them before I drop them off at goodwill.

These are not top of the line products. The television is probably 8 years old, it's a heavy son of a *****, not a flat screen, or a wide screen, or plasma, or any of that stuff, just a good old fashioned Panasonic. I most recently had my old video games systems (NES, SNES, Genesis) hooked up to it, it's good for that stuff. I think it's a 24 or 28 inch set.

And it comes with a handsome tv stand, which is basically two gray pieces of something held together with screws and dowels. I do not plan to dis-assemble this stand, so if you want it, you don't have to put it back together or anything. When I say two gray pieces of something, it's not random plywood or crap that I used to make it from scratch, it's an actual TV stand that came in a box long, long ago, I just don't remember when, or where, or if it was even mine originally.

Like I said, no great shakes, but something to put in a spare room for old video games, or a guest room, or something like that. And again, completely free, I don't mind making a short drive to meet somewhere to deliver it to you. Just let me know.

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