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Throwback Talk with V Fox Monday Wrap Up....Redskins vs. Rams (Video)


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Throwback Talk with V Fox "Monday Wrap Up" wk 4 (SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE ;))

Check out Former Redskin Vernon Fox as he serves as the Redskin Team correspondent on schoolofthelegends.com. This is Wk 4 segment of Throwback Talk with V Fox "Monday Wrap Up" in which Vernon recaps the the 3-1 Redskins win over the Rams!!! Join Vernon & Rocky McIntosh as they weigh in every wk on pre and post game analysis...http://schoolofthelegends.com/teams/football/redskins

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It's nice to see some honest analysis that's not all gloom and doom. I like where the team is overall. The turnovers on offense definitely needs correction, special teams penalties and mistakes are also a glaring problem. Defense is ballin' :) SEVEN sacks on Bradford, hopefully they will continue to gel and get better. Sav Rocca has been money pinning the opposing offense in the their 20's ,even Gano has been consistent.

Hopefully everyone will heal up during the bye and enjoy themselves a bit.

:eaglesuck: :eaglesuck: I want to beat :evil: these guys even more than the Cowgirls.

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