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Which player(s) on Defense do you think could make the switch? Or vise-versa...


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This is purely for fun, but let's say our guys started dropping like flies one week and we had to shake things up a bit on the field... Which players could you see filling-in the role and possibly having success for the remainder of the game?

DHall as a slot receiver or deep threat WR doesn't sound so far-fetched to me...

Hightower has had to make a few tackles this year and took some decent angles. Maybe he could fill in at SS if you kept him in the box...

Trent Williams has the size and speed to be a pretty disruptive 3-techinque...

London Fletcher as a blocking FB? Maybe run a little FB Dive near the goaline? Hmmmm...

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I've always thought DHall might be a better WR than a corner if they gave him a shot. He has a nack for catching anything that hits his hands and he wouldn't have to worry about keeping up with someone he could just worry about getting past them, which he could cause he's fast.

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I was going to make this exact same thread after the Cardinals game....

Trent has made 2 great tackles on Ints...



Landry could play RB or FB...



And we all know what DeAngelo could do as a WR..

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