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This story originally published on WarpathInsiders.com


John Keim Keim Time Chat Transcript

By Stephan Miller , Director

Date: Sep 18, 2003

While the transcripts are usually for subscribers only, we wanted non subscribers to get a glimpse at the interaction subscribers have with Warpath editor John Keim. John answers your questions, and puts what is going on at Redskins Park in a perspective the fan can understand. This will be a weekly chat for subscribers every Tuesday evening.

Q: Pleaese tell us about the ambience--seems like there is ALOT of pride and trust in each other for the first time in what seems like forever

John Keim: Not sure if there's more pride, but i think there is a little more trust. I think there's more chemistry--these guys genuinely seem to like one another and that matters on the field. But it also helps to have a consistent kicker. Without that, and LColes, the trust stuff wouldn't matter.

Q: Hey John, what is the mind set of the team following two close tight wins in which Ramsey was basically leveled with regularity. is there a REAL effort being shown to fix our horrid pass blocking?

John Keim: Yes. Samuels was p'od yesterday about it. But they also believe the problems are fixable and attribute much of sunday's woes to crowd noise (though that excuse is wearing thin with them). Only two of the six sacks were allowed by the line, the others were by the backs. they sometimes didn't hear that the play had called, etc...But, yes, it is a concern.

Q: Well, I assume you were there. You know it was loud. I know I was impressed with the noise their crowd was making.

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While I feel like the Skins and Arrington and Samuels will get restructured deals done to keep them in DC, I don't have a good feeling about Bailey, which Keim seems to confirm.

In the offseason when asked about what happens if the Skins and his agent aren't able to work something out in re the contract, Bailey offhandedly said something about 'going home to play'.........ie with the Falcons in the Georgia Dome.

I don't think Bailey is too attached to any place to play. He seems to have more of the attitude of a Deion Sanders, that the money will speak for itself.

The difference to me between that and what happened with Coles is that Coles was not offered even the same contract that Price received, which was wrong because Coles was the Jets #1 receiver and Price was the #2 in Buffalo.

I am sure the Skins would offer Bailey what other pro bowl corners are making, but he wants way more than that.

In my mind for a player to command that much of a premium over his peers at his position, Bailey has to bring an extra skill to the table, be it as a dynamite punt returner or part-time receiver, etc.

Bailey failed miserably as a return man and its clear that Spurrier is not going to indulge anyone at wide receiver.

Champ hasn't played the spot since college and isn't needed there now as the team has a good set of targets to throw to.

And that's with top draft pick Taylor Jacobs still out with an injury.

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