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Amanda Knox is free!


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Meh, it was a highly publicized case in the media. And the thread was made right when they announced it live on TV

Links probably up by now.

The thing about this case is, many people simply assumed she was guilty by simply glaring over the case and not looking at the facts. Her excuse during the trial for inconsistent testimony was "police pressure". But the facts, when you analyze them, clearly show that her DNA wasn't anywhere NEAR the murder weapon, or the crime scene. And considering the witnesses that saw the crime were admittedly on drugs, what happened today was a well-deserved reversal of an egregious error in the court system.

It's good to have Amanda free. I'm not saying that because she is attractive. I'm saying this because the facts clearly indicate she was innocent.

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I think she was guilty and needs to thank the crappy forensic work. I don't think she is a monster, but is someone that was involved in something that spiraled out of control. Anyway I wish her well and hope she can put her life back together.

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