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Updated: September 17

11:52 AM ET

During the offseason, the San Diego Chargers targeted an impact wide receiver as a priority. With a young and improving quarterback and a stud runner, that was the missing piece to the offensive puzzle. So the Chargers brain trust set its sights on the highest-profile free agent at the position, David Boston.

LaDainian Tomlinson went to dinner with Boston and told him how he and the team needed a "big-time" recveiver, and the fifth-year wideout certainly fit the profile. Although last season was cut short because of a torn patellar tendon in his right knee, he had led the NFL with 1,598 yards receiving in 2001.

So with little regard to the injury and his history of run-ins with his coaches and the law, the Bolts signed Boston to a seven-year, $47 million contract. It's an investment that they may come to regret, if they don't already, because instead of a big-time player Boston is already shaping up to be a big-time headache.

Last week, Boston, who was suffering from a bruised heel that bothered him all through training camp, declared to the media that he wouldn't play in Sunday's division matchup against the Denver Broncos. Too bad he didn't clue Marty Schottenheimer in on that fact prior to the announcement.


Part of his health issues could be linked to his much-talked about size. Boston has muscles as large as bowling balls and his weight increased to 260 pounds this summer. Some of the people in Arizona felt that his ever-increasing mass played a part in his knee injury, and though his bruised heel may not be directly related to his girth, the extra weight he's carrying around certainly doesn't make it any easier to heal.

In fact, the extra weight might not be doing him any good at all. After the season opener, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Eric Warfield said: "Boston may have done too much offseason working out. He's huge, but he's lost a few steps. He beat me off the line once, but I was able to catch up with him pretty easy, and I'm not a 4.3 guy.

"Everybody's read the stories and heard about his size and all the weight he's put on and all the speed he supposedly still has. Honestly, I didn't see it. I saw the weight he had and the so-called big pipes he has, but he didn't have the speed to go along with it."

That remains to be seen, because it takes more than one game to make a legitimate assessment of his play, but his two receptions for 20 yards aren't the stuff of $47 million contracts.

But even if his production increases, his attitude could still be a problem, especially with a hardline coach like Schottenheimer.

Boston upset Schottenheimer when he left the field before the end of Sunday's loss and then didn't come into the locker room for Schottenheimer's postgame speech.

According to the East Valley Tribune, Boston was seen talking on his cell phone in a tunnel at Qualcomm Stadium while the game was finishing up. "If a player is on the sideline, he needs to stay there throughout the entire game," Schottenheimer told reporters in San Diego. "Our entire team should be in the locker room. I don't know what he was doing. I want him in the locker room."

But if his behavior continues in this pattern, Scottneheimer might soon understand why Arizona coaches didn't want him in their locker room.:gaintsuck

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Boston = Westbroken!

Incredible physical skills. One breakout year after 2 years of nothing despite being a top 5 draft pick. Constantly injured. Poor route runner. Mental case and locker room cancer with a vastly inflated view of himself.

Marty fires Centers for wearing a cap during a team meeting, but sucks up all the crap Boston dishes out. :doh1:

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I read that in the offseason our front office said "we didn't even look at him. He wasn't on our map at all."

Apparantly insiders knew he was a huge gamble. I'll admit I was one of those guys saying "I can't believe Arizona did it again. They sit 12 mil under the cap and let guys like David Boston go." Well, thats why I don't work in a front office. He's a WEIRD cat.

Oh, and yeah his total contract is for $47 million. But he only has a $4 mil signing bonus. That should have been a sign in itself. Now I dont see SD cutting him at the end of this season regardless of what happens, but if they have to eventually they won't be devistated.

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I don't live to defend Marty, but this most assuredly wasn't his doing. Remember, he's not GM down there, and the post-1997 version of Marty in particular (that's when his high priced FA vets on the Chiefs melted down and undercut him, getting him fired) can't stand high profile players who challenge his authority.

However, all of this doesn't mean that I don't think the two of them deserve each other. :evil:

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Boston was problematic and the better offensive coaches stayed clear of him because of the injury problems and attitude.

It is really ironic that Marty got burned on spending the team's purse on an flamboyant OFFENSIVE free agent, being a conservative defensive coach.

After refusing to trade or sign a veteran qb to give the Redskins some insurance behind Jeff George in 2001, Marty spent his sole season here going with career backups Tony Banks and Kent Graham :mad:

Once again, Marty shows that as far as offense goes his judgment on personnel is flawed.

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