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Coaching: Race to Coach of the Year, Race to getting the AX


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4 weeks in, starting to get a feel for which coaches are contenders for coach of the year and of course the firing line.

Coach of the Year Candidates

1. Lions: Jim Schwartz

2. Bills: Chan Gailey

3. 49ers: Jim Harbaugh

4. Titans: Mike Munchak

Coaches on the Hot Set- Racing to get the ax.

1. Tony Sparano - hell he might last tomorrow. He will be the first coach fired.

2. Steve Spagnuolo- baring a turnaround, he will fired at the end of the year. With a new owner, he will want his own guy. Especially after the Rams have flopped this year.

3. Jim Caldwell- A complete collasp because of one player. He's on the hot seat and it wouldn't shock me to see Irsay tweet a coaching change at the end of year and maybe even get rid of Bill and Chris Polian.

4. Andy Reid- Dream team my ass. It's time for him to be on the hot seat. He'll probably be back, but it might be time for a change. Jeff Fisher anyone?

5. Todd Hailey- Baring a turnaround, I don't see Haley lasting beyond the season.

6. Jack Del Rio- The future LA team might as well start 2012 with a new coach. He's finally done after this year.

7. Ken Whisenhut- They are disappointing. He could be given the ax after the season.

8. Jason Garrett- Cowboys miss playoffs and maybe Jones goes after Jeff Fisher?

I also think there could be a coaching change with the Giants but it might be just Coughlin retiring instead of getting fired.

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