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Tailgate, it's time for you to do what you do best: critique.

I know most of you aren't East Carolina football fans; but I write this blog for a fan site and I'm trying to get some feedback on it.

What I'm trying to do with this blog is

A.) Beef up my resume

B.) Keep myself "in shape" while I'm looking for paid work


C.) Write a sports column with a difference

What I want to do is not only give analysis, but to really give the reader a sense of atmosphere. I want to put the reader in the stadium with me (at least, for the home games). I'm trying to go beyond a simple synopsis of the game.

Anyway, happy reading and please be honest with your critique. I don't expect anything less than brutal honesty from the Tailgate. :)


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First to respond "payed".

Good luck.

And what's the story behind the u in "colours"?

I'm not sure. The guy who created the site did that. I think it's because we play that little spinet from Pirates of the Caribbean where Kera Knightley gives that pep talk to all the pirates and says "Gentlemen...raise the colors."

Ahh, and I just noticed my spelling mistake. D'oh!

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