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Positive Thread


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OK< so everyone wants Rex's head because he threw a bad INT.

Everyone wants to kill everybody who made a mistake.

Well, allow me to point out that the Washington Redskins are 3-1 and ALL ALONE in first place in the NFC east.

So here's a thread for those sick of the Bench Rex and Cut everyone threads.

I'll start with the positive vibes, and say that

It's the bye week, and the WASHINGTON REDSKINS are ALONE in FIRST PLACE.

And they have 3 conference wins as well, so things are looking good.

Graham Gano is looking VERY good.

Our running game is looking very nice now that it's reared it's 3 ugly heads.

and our defense is LIGHTS OUT.

ONE TD in the last 8 quarters.

MAULING quarterbacks.

Only positives, please!


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We have a borderline elite defense in my opinion. As long as our offense doesn't give away games I think we're in good shape. Hell, even when our offense TRIES to give away games, we can still pull it off as we learned today.


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Phew - thank you Bang.....

We played a short week, the team needs this break to recharge their mojo. They'll be back with a vengence to take on the Eagles.

Hail yeah -

And with the way the Eagles have been playing, I'm expecting another huge game for our three headed torain-helu-hightower monster.

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We stopped them and took them out of field goal range. We have not done that in the past. Many of the stops were with a 4 man rush. Hats off to Haslett. Williams (if he were still the DC) would have brought the house to prove he was right last week. This is not the same old Skins!

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They just need to have alec Baldwin's character from glengarry glen Ross talk to them. First prize is you win the super bowl. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is your Fired!

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Ryan Kerrigan is on course for defensive rookie of the year,


Took the words right out of my mouth brother. Rak and Kerr-Bear are playing like men on fire, our D is impressive overall - what a difference a year makes! - and our team has a can-do attitude rather than one of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

RB's are all gamers.

Penalties are down.

Shanahan (duh) knows what he's doing.

We got some payback.


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running game. check

defense. check

kicker. check

ST and offense?

still huge question marks, but i'll take 3-1 and 1st place.

edit: let's just make that the entire kicking game as a check.



No creeping pessimism in here, buddy!

Down the hall!


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