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To my loyal Redskins Fans, Im a Manager at Direc TV and I have to give away a certain amount of NFL Sunday Ticket

For Free I have couple more left till the deadline tomorrow.. If you want some behind the scenes

deal call my direct extension. 866 997 9296 call me now.

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Dont fall for this BS, get rid of this troll!!!!! I have the ticket but called out of curiosity and it goes to an answering maching asking you to leave your name while trying to connect you...Something just doesnt seem right so be very cautious with giving your info..

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i just called out of curiousity... couldn't get it because i already have the ticket... it certainly looks like a spam post, but you never know... just be very careful what info you give to anyone over the phone.

I googled the number and found nothing related to DirecTV. I call 100% bull.

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This is insane... Im actually reading this guys.. I just have to meet my quota.. if you dont currently have Direc TV.. just call me.. you will speak with me Only.. Not a calling center.. Try it.

yes if you dont currently have direct tv. that commercials been running for the last 6 months we dont need you.

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3. Spam is strictly prohibited.

The following are some examples of what ES considers spam:

Very short posts that do not add value to the topic.

Example: posts with only the words, "I dunno," or "lol cool," or "in before close" or a quote of a post with only "smileys" added, or simply the word "this" and an upward arrow or "x2" added. If that is the only contribution you have to make to the discussion, this is not the place for you.

Double Posting.

A double post constitutes back-to-back posts by the same member. The second post may be considered spam. If you make an error while submitting a post, or realize you would like to elaborate further, please use the "edit" button/function (located at the lower right of each post) to modify the original rather than create an additional post. An exception to the rule applies when a member wants to address the content of separate individual posts from different members. For example, the first point addresses the content of member A's post; the subsequent post addresses the content of member B's post.

Posts that serve no apparent purpose other than to increase one's post count.

For example, if someone asks a question and you reply just to say you don't know the answer, or create "test" threads or posts, this will be considered spam. If you want to test your signature picture/text, you can do that in any thread where you have already posted. Every time you edit and save a change in your Profile, simply hit your browser’s "refresh" button in a thread in which you have posted. Your account will have been updated across every post you have ever written.

Please note that advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate and unacceptable on any of our forums.

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