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Picks, Pats, and Pardons (Week 4)


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Last Week: 10-6

Season: 36-12

Redskins: 2-1

Against the Spread: 7-1-4 (Last Week 1-3)

Lock of the Week: 1-2 (Last Week 0-1)

Last Week's Pats: Probably most proud that I correctly predicted that Indy would hang tight and lose late to Pittsburgh, but that the Colts were a great beat to cover the 11 points- that was a huge number for a home team on a Sunday Night, regardless of the circumstances. Also called Bucs over Falcons which was probably the most 50/50 game of the week.

Last Week's Pardons: Missed pretty badly on the Giants-Eagles game and didn't have a solid read on Cardinals-Seahawks either (that game really surprised me). And one of these days perhaps I will learn my lesson by over-valuing the Texans.

This Week's Picks:

Detroit at Dallas: Hmmm...this one could make your head spin. I was one of those people on the Lions bandwagon from the start...picked them to go 10-6 and said they could very well be a legit Super Bowl contender late in the season. I am not shocked at their 3-0 start. However, they are due for at least a small bump in the road...and an away game against a solid opponent would seem to be a logical spot for s slip-up. The Cobwoys front seven will be the best Detroit has faced this year...But all in all, I'm sticking with the Motown crew...they are the more talented team here.

Lions 26, Cowboys 23



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Good stuff. I actually pick Skins to win 26-26(I have a statistical theory based on history to back my score but that's neither here nor there :) ) ... Im just as skeptical as you though. This one ain't gonna be easy. No way.

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San Francisco at Philadelphia: The 49ers offense is just what a reeling Eagles defense needs. Very bad vibes in Philly right now and this game comes at an excellent time. Look for the Eagles to bounce back rather impressively this week, but I wouldn't be fooled into thinking all is well.

Eagles 30, 49ers 13

I don't know about this one....considering the 9ers stayed in my home town over the week instead of flying home.

Normally you would think a west coast team coming east would have a hard time adjusting to the time zone thing.

But being on the eastern side of the country since last week (cinci) might change your thinking.

On the other hand the 9ers pretty much suck.

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The 49ers are a bad matchup for the Eagles because they have a strong defense that can stop McCoy, and traditionally run the ball well with Gore.

Problem is, Gore is sort of broke down at this point. He has a problem staying healthy.

Also, 49ers offense is just abysmal. Vernon Davis is the one real weapon still elite, but Alex Smith is awful.

Even a good 49ers defense could tend to get worn down by the 4th quarter.

Eagles 28, 49ers 17

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