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NFL.com: Power Rankings - Eagles, Bears continue to slide behind losing streaks (NFC East mentions)


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12. Cowboys

Monday night's game was ridiculous. Does anyone on the Dallas offense know the playbook or snap count? The worst offender was wideout Kevin Ogletree, who kept getting lumped in with the "young players not knowing where to line up" excuse for the disorganized play. He's in his third year. Ogletree should know multiple positions (X, Z, etc.) in Jason Garrett's offense by now. Still, Tony Romo sits to pee made it work with an even gutsier performance than the win over San Francisco. Rob Ryan's defense came up pretty clutch as well. Big win.

14. Redskins

Washington lost, and yet, moved up two spots. First, the failure in Dallas was by the thinnest of margins, as well as being on the road. Second, many of the teams ahead of Washington in the rankings lost handily on Sunday. Mike Shanahan must continue to stick with the ground attack, as it makes the play-action game quite effective. One guy who could be hell-on-wheels downfield on these kinds of plays is deep threat Anthony Armstrong. Unfortunately, Armstrong has been somewhat invisible and exited Monday night with a hamstring injury.

15. Giants

When Victor Cruz and three-years-past-his-prime Brandon Jacobs are scoring on long touchdowns, you kind of know it's your day. That said, the G-Men earned this one by stifling the Eagles when it mattered most. Four stops (penalty included) inside the 2-yard line -- holding Philly to a field goal -- was the key point of Sunday's win and underlined the Jekyll-and-Hyde nature of a club that looked awful two weeks ago in Washington.

18. Eagles

Bottom line: The starting quarterback is hurt. The standings say 1-2. Last place in the NFC East. Six turnovers in the past two weeks are the six biggest reasons this club has lost two straight, and frankly, that will sink any good team in the parity party going on in the NFL right now. Kurt Coleman, that was a terrible tackle attempt on Victor Cruz. Freaking horrific.

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That's pretty amazing Cali, but seems to support the theory that the whole media bias thing is just an excuse. For the first time in a decade there is a single mindset top to bottom in the franchise and the simple basics of discipline and accountability are already paying dividends. We are on our way back to being a professional team, ain't there yet but dammit we are on the way. I am pleasantly surprised tbh, I expected the Vinnie hangover to drag on for years.

If you can't see that things actually are getting better then I don't know what to say, you must not want to see it.

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The Skins were a bounce away from stealing a W in Dallas. It was just amazing that after all of the bad snaps that went past Romo sits to pee absolutely none of them bounced our way. Not even the Kerrigan strip sack. Even that ball just bounces right to Romo sits to pee. Honestly, no way that ball bounces straight up grass lol Damn you turf !

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