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iPhone 5 to be announced on October 4th

Slacky McSlackAss

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For those (like myself) who have anxiously been waiting for the new iPhone so they can finally upgrade their slugging outdated phones, the time is near.

Apple has officially announced it's press conference for October 4th to debut the new iPhone 5.

Some of the new features should be:

Upgrade 8MP camera

Dual core A5 processor

New notifications system (iOS 5 feature)

New Voice commands system (iOS 5 feature)

Wifi sync with iTunes

PC Free (no more need for iTunes at all. All updates done OTA)

Design is supposedly very similar to the iPhone 4, just slightly thinner. The estimated release date is October 14th.


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It's a solid phone, I'd probably have one right now if Verizon got it. But they ended up passing on it and waiting for the Nexus Prime.
A friend at work today told me that only Sprint is offering it right now, but more carriers would have it starting in early Oct. I'm either gonna go with the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S2. Tired of my old, cheapo phone.
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Thought the 4G phones were having serious issues with battery life? Also, doesn't the 4G access cost even more per month?

I wonder how much it would cost to upgrade to the 6th gen after a year . . .

4G uses more battery, but the newer 4G phones have been getting battery life. I have the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon and the 4G is amazingly fast. Battery life on it has gotten much better as well. It also does NOT cost anything extra than 3G.

Not getting a 4G phone now would be like going out and buying a Standard-Def TV. What's the point?

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