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Kyle Shanahan (and Mike) need to learn to run the ball with a 2nd half lead.


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When you are ahead and you continue to pass the ball 2 or 3 out of every 3 plays in the late 3rd and all throughout the 4th quarter...I put this loss SQUARELY on the coaches calling the plays. Every running play, regardless of yardage gained or not, takes 35-45 seconds off the game clock. Dallas would NEVER have had enough possessions to win without a TD in the 4th quarter if Kyle and Mike Shanahan could just learn this lesson.

They've made the same mistake over and over ever since the Houston loss in week 2 or 3 last year and a year later, still the same crap. These guys are putting together a nice roster and building some solid teamwork among the players, but the play calling is HORRIBLE in almost every single game we've had a late lead. I'm starting to see why Mike wore out his welcome in Denver.

This garbage has GOT to change. PLEASE run the damn ball when we're ahead Mike, otherwise I'll be on the "Fire Shanahans" bandwagon very soon.

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