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The reason we lost to the boi's and what we have to do about it.


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There have been several reasons floating around there as to why we lost the Monday night game:

- Poor playcalling (this was not the coaches finest hour)

- Lack of running game (boi's are a good D particularly against the run)

- 1 bad defensive playcall (yeah it was questionable, but had it succeded you all would be calling Haz a genious)

- A conspiracy where the Skins were called on to flop on the national stage (somone forgot to tell the boi's center that they were supposed to win the game)

- bad officiating (actually i thought the refs did a pretty good job, and if anything were slightly biased towards us last night)

I am going to submit that while each of those elements might have contributed to the loss, the real reason we did not win the game was because of the lack of attention we have paid to the O line over the alst few years.

I really don't care that the Boi's have a good D, Rex did NOT have enough time for plays to develop and receiver sot get open for most of the night. While he was not hit as often as Romo sits to pee, he was scrambling most of the night.

The run game was not able to get gonig because holes just were not there.

That being said, I thought that the O-line did a pretty good job keeping Rex upright, and Williams really stepped up to the plate against Ware, and frustrated Ware for the majority of the game. It was not until Ware went to the the other side against Brown that he became a force.

I want an O-line that can impse their will on the opposing team.

We know that the Gnats, and Boi's will tpically have a strong D, it is about time we drafted some real studs on the O-line and start creating Mayhem in the NEast!

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First, I'm pretty sure there are other threads for this.

Second, our O-Line play was actually pretty damn good against the league's best pass-rushing defensive line. The running game wasn't opening huge holes, but it wasn't stagnant like it has been at times over the past five years.

I just don't get how you blame the O-Line last night. Grossman, Hall, or Haslett all are blameworthy, but the offensive line could perform exactly like they did yesterday, and we could be a 9 or 10 win team. We have bigger needs, probably at every position.

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i agree pre. i think the O-line played pretty damn good. no there were no real holes for the running game, but when you get away from it like we always seem to do opposing Ds can pretty much figure it out.. it has continued from last year with the offensive play calling. not only in the redzone, but as time becomes an issue. horrible play calling last night with 4 minutes left on the clock. roy had a decent run on first down, then what, 3 incomplete passes to stop the clock. had we run the ball while letting the clock tick, it would have left them with less time and may have caused other errors or an int as homo may have tried to force something. yes they had their time outs as well and may have used them. but it didnt really seem like they were willing to after roys run on first. bad clock management i think once again from kyle and bad play calls. just my opinion..

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