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Last night's field conditions.


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Just saw another thread on this didn't see it when I searched. Please merge

I checked the weather report for the Dallas and didn't see any rain yesterday or even days before. I don't understand why our team was slipping all over the field and Dallas was rarely effected by it.

Banks, Hightower and Helu were slipping everytime the touched the ball.

Doesn't Dallas have a dome? Why would the field be that horrible?

Im not trying to make an excuse for the loss. This was just really annoying to watch.

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There was a lot of humidity. Dallas was prepared for it and Washington wasn't. It was just one of those homefield advantage things and I am pretty sure we would have done the same thing if we could have.

What do you mean they were prepared for it? They had better cleats?

Could we have changed our cleats at half time?

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If we werent slipping every time we touched the ball we would have had a much better chance to win.

I know Rex is the Anti-Roethlisberger. He should never improv EVER... And the 3rd and 21 gives me nightmares but our guys not being able to run and make cuts really pisses me off.

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Just saw another thread on this didn't see it when I searched. Please merge.

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After the team warmups and the teams went back to their respective locker rooms, they opened the roof.

What happens when warm humid air rushes into an air conditioned space?

That's right.... condensation

The cowboys must have known about this effect and planned their equipment accordingly.

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It definitely seemed like they addressed it at halftime, but I don't see why they waited that long. How hard would it to have been to bring a player a different pair of cleats or change his spike length while he was sitting on the bench? The Redskins have played there before and about 15 or so other teams have played there before. I can't imagine that this was something that hasn't been noticed before by the opposing team and made public knowledge.

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