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The offense is to blame..


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I put ZERO blame on the defense...Offense needs to step it up real fast...stop kicking freakin field goals. I cant believe Kyle ran a stretch play near the goal line...Really???

Agree with this 100%. The funboys did not get in the endzone. Our offense looked odd tonight. Cooley rushing? WTF. The offense was off tonight.

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Let's burn them at the stake. And that little dog too.


From when it was 16-9, our play calling was

16 passes (includes two sacks)

2 runs

We possessed the ball for drives of 0:34, 1:37, 3:14, and 1:19. That's a total of 6:44 for the last 19:00 of the game.

They can move the ball, but Kyle gets too cute for his own good. The run game had begun picking up and you go away from it? And you never even try to see if Torain can get loose after wearing down the defense early?

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Don't get me wrong, if we had won this game, the O would still get a ribbing, but c'mon... blame? It came down to a D play even though the D as a whole played pretty damn good. Face it... 4th down, they punt, we get good field position for running the ball and the clock... Gano kicks another and they end up having to go for a TD which they hadn't been able to all night. We win, say it was ugly but a win is a win :blahblah:

I blame it on Monday Night :silly:

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