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2-Minute Offense


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I'm a little bit surprised not to see a thread about this already.

There are clearly a lot of areas of improvement for this team, but on both 2-minute opportunities the Skins looked disorganized. No pep getting to the line, and a general appearance of not understanding the situation.

Not sure who to blame, but I don't think there was one single issue. Rex has to get everybody lined up sooner, but guys like Gaffney also have to know to get out of bounds. 2-3 yards are not worth keeping the clock running. Then you have Kyle Shanahan getting a little too cute with the playcalling and trying to call several runs when they just weren't reasonable.

Not to mention Grossman's ongoing issues with ball security of course.

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I just wanna know where Kyles head is at?And i apologize if im double posting first and foremost.

I know its easy to second guess and maybe its rex but im watchin the game and seeing the weaknesses.I dont know what play is called but come on......

You see the mismatch and we dont exploit it?2 weeks in a row???

Whats the qualifications for becoming the offensive coordinator?(other than being Mikes son)I know its easy to second guess and play arm chair quarterback but ......my god man.

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