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3rd and 21.. clearly the play of the game.. Fault Haslett?


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3-21. All out blitz. You lost the game. Singlehandeldy. Could we have scored a td or more, Sure. But this is a typical tough NFC east game. Thats how this games go. You dont get pretty. You play tough. Haslestt lost it. And only him remember that. 3rd and 21 and all out blitz with single coverage...

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If you told me we would hold Dallas to 18 points and no touchdowns, I would take it.

That play was ridiculous. But, we blitzed and Romo sits to pee still had enough time to get the ball down the field.

There is plenty of blame to go around. But, Haslett and the defense is not at the top of my list.

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I don't agree with some of the calls, but a football game never comes down to one play. You aren't going to win many NFL games scoring 16 points, especially on the road. Even allowing for the banged-up offense, the Cowboys didn't get into the end zone once.

I'd like to know why we didn't get more sacks sending 6 and 8 men at a time against an offensive line that was clearly struggling so badly.

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I was screaming "No" the whole time. Couldn't believe you would all out blitz again on 3rd and 21 considering the only pressure we got on Romo sits to pee was with the help of his center. Bring pressure. Sure. But D Hall is totally unersized for one-on-one with Bryant. You could feel it coming barring an error by the Dallas center.

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