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Redskins Park: Injury Report - Week 3

Mark The Homer

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I honestly think every guy on that list is gonna go or be inactive except for Landry. Can't see him going without having a single full speed practice yet. I'd love to see him go, however, I can't see Shanahan putting him on the field when he only practiced at "70-80%" on Friday & hasn't had a single all go practice since he was injured November last year. The Achilles is supposedly 100% but he hasn't tested it full speed yet and already had a setback with the hamstring. I think Shanahan would want to see him go full speed at practice for a whole week before he's confident that a setback won't happen. I honestly don't see Landry playing until after the bye.

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Lorenzo Alexander could play FB.

Lozo can play QB if need be I bet.

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Looks like they've got 2CBs coming back. Are those their starters?

yes but they were not all that anyway Larry. I think we can get some coverage advantages with AA especially going full speed deep.

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We'll have to see about Landry. The Examiner said Landry was declaring Thursday that he was playing Monday. They said the next day he was a little more reserved about the idea of him playing on MNF. :)

He says he is still feeling some soreness. We'll just have to wait and see.

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