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You're asking us to tell you which player you like better?

Me, I'd probably nominate Darrell as my favorite all-time Redskin. But we're not discussing which jersey I'd buy.

No, what other people like:) Like I said its too hard for me. I really want a throwback and its down to these two

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Dang, that was fast. First Black QB to ever win superbowl!!!

Didn't realize I was jumping the route. I just logged on and saw it. The second quarter of SB 22 notwithstanding, DG had a much more impressive career in the burgundy and gold. Twenty years with one team in the "modern era", isolating #1 receivers at the age of forty, first ballot HOF.

Hell, the rundown of Dorsett as a rookie on Monday Night Football is enough to sell me a jersey.

With all due respect to Mr. Williams, DG was the man.

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Our opinion does not matter. It's YOUR opinion that counts. Which Redskins player is YOUR favorite?

Thats a tough call man. I remember always being impressed with A. Monk. Then I started liking G. Clark more "remember that catch he made when he was kneeling down?"

Then I started looking for all time great Skins players and Cliff Battles jumped out at me, but they dont make those jerseys. Id like a nice throwback and its just hard for me to choose one. With this poll though it looks like D. Green is more popular

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28 all day, Doug Williams was great in the super bowl, but he wasn't that good of a QB other than that.

I know right? DG was a stud but Doug Williams came in and shocked everyone

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Green but it sounds like you're going with Williams. Me thinks that you'll go against the grain and take the least popular choice. Either way you can't go wrong...

On a side note...If you know anyone that owns a Haynesworth and McNabb jersey, quickly "unknow" them..

Thank god I didnt get a McNabb or Haynesworth Jersey:)

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I have both. I'd go with the DG first.

Are you serious? Dang man, I need to catch up.

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